While Mark and Thomas ventured off for a boys tour of the Tyskie Brewery, Adriana, the girls and I headed over to this Bison breeding farm called Zagroda Zubrow Bison Park. Not only did it have a successful breeding program for the Bison it was home to many other breeds of animals.

The girls had seen some Bison at Wildlife Park in Poing, Bavaria when we had visited there on our previous trip but they are both animal lovers and were keen to see what else was living there.

Visit the Polish Bison at Zagroda żubrów Bison Park

Zagroda Zubrow-Bison Park, Poland

Our girls love animal reserves

We had been visiting the Zamek Pszczyński Castle just out of Pszczyna, so Adriana thought the walk through the Castle gardens and over to the Zagroda żubrów Bison Park would be a treat for the girls as they were unable to accompany adults on the brewery tour. The walk through the gardens led us to the busy road that the park was situated on. There is a large parking area but as the guys had taken the car we were able to walk down the tree-lined road that led to the entrance of the park. The walk was fantastic and really took you away from the bustling road we had come off to get there. Adriana showed the girls wild mint plants and told us about some of the other plants native to Poland as we walked. Having the large fence on the other side of the road just made the girls more and more excited as we wandered closer to the Zagroda żubrów Bison Park. The large wooden framed front gate was an amazing sight when we arrived and only added to the girl’s excitement.

Zagroda Zubrow-Bison Park, Poland

The Bison of Poland are well looked after

The rest of the Zagroda Zubrow Bison Park did not let us down! The girls loved looking at the bison through the fence and got an extra kick out of venturing up into the viewing platform to have an overall view of their enclosure. Watching the baby Bison got many ooh’s, aah’s and oh they are so cute out of the girls! What really impressed me was the disabled access to the viewing platform via a lift. The platform was completely enclosed and was a good place for the girls to sit and rest for awhile.

Zagroda Zubrow-Bison Park, Poland

We walked around to see the rest of the animals which included rabbits, swans, deer, ducks and boar. The little boar were really funny to watch as they ran around chasing each other only to run off squealing when they got caught! The girls watched them laughing for a long time. Peacocks were roaming freely around the Zagroda żubrów bison park and you could hear them calling out every now and again. Finding one was a real mission for the girls and they named it sneaky as you could hear it call but was very clever at keeping hidden. (They finally found it on the top of a building under a branch well camouflaged)

Zagroda Zubrow Bison Park

Did you know the Bison roamed in Poland

Learn about the history of Polish Bison at Zagroda Zubrow Bison Park

Before we left we ventured into the educational exhibit. Most of the information was in Polish but Adriana translated it as well as she could to the girls. It was a great exhibit that included information on the environment and animals that lived in the Zagroda żubrów bison park. There were also exhibits of animals that did not live within the bison park. The preserved animals gave the girls a chance to get up close and see what they looked like. Both of them despite the lack of knowing Polish loved the educational building!

We think if you are ever in the area a trip to Zagroda Zubrow Bison Park is well worth it!

Zagroda Zubrow-Bison Park

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