While visiting Conwy Castle we took a walk down to the water and stumbled across a tiny red building. On the outside was written ‘The Smallest House in Great Britain’. The Smallest House in Great Britain is just 72 inches wide by 122 inches high.

Could you live in the smallest house in Great Britain?

smallest house in great britain

Willow and Marley at the door of the smallest house in Britain

Straight away Willow wanted to see what it was all about. As we walked up to the house a lady in period costume came out and greeted us. It had been a windy, cold and rainy day so she was thinking it might just be time to pack up and head home when she saw us coming! I was so glad that she stayed and talked to us.

Marley had seen the lady and had wandered over to see why she was wearing the clothes she was. She explained to us that the house dated back to the 16th century and had been lived in until 1900. What really blew us away was the fact that the last person to live in the house was a man that was over six foot tall! He was a fisherman so Marley was very impressed that he didn’t have far to go to work!


By this stage, Willow was desperate to get inside and have a look. Because it was so small I stayed in the doorway while Willow had a look around, not that she could really get that far away! The lady was worried that they had to climb a small ladder to see the second storey of the house. As she took the two small steps to have a look up there she had a bit of a giggle. She was wondering how it would have fit a bathroom in there and that is when she noticed the pot next to the bed! It did take a small amount of explaining by the lady and I was amazed at how well she handled the constant questioning by Willow!


The Smallest House in Great Britain


She also explained that the small door in the floor to the second storey would be shut overnight to stop the man from falling down it at night and to give it a small amount more room! I loved the way the inside looked and both the girls found small things in there that they liked.

Once we had finished our ‘tour’ the lady told us that the house is still owned by the fisherman’s descendants and that he lived in it until the council said that it was not ‘fit for human habitation’. He was unable to stand up straight in the house so it must have been very uncomfortable for him. The lady also told us about some of the other people who had lived there over the time including a married couple.

Great Britain's smallest house, Conwy, Wales

To have a look inside the smallest house in Great Britain it cost 1 pound for me and 50p each for the girls. When the house is open there will be a lady out the front in traditional dress to give you the do’s and don’t’s to the house. Both the girls love looking in there and I am glad we stumbled upon it. I think the lady out the front really makes the experience so much more as you can really get a feel for the history of the house with her there.

Small house small bedroom

I must admit I was really impressed at just how small the inside really was but at the same time at how homey it was as well. There was a small dining table and a small seat to sit on. Plenty of photos lined the walls and even the little knick knacks just made it feel cosy. It really just goes to show you that in these times of excess it’s not the size of the house it is the value of the home. Conwy is easily assessable from the Seaside resort town of Llandudno