Do you find it hard to find family-friendly accommodation


Family friendly accommodation when you travel with kids can be hard to find at a good price. Make no mistake you need to do some looking and searching. Once there is more than 3 of you most hotels will want you to book a second room. This is something we won’t do. We won’t be forced to pay extra because the hotels don’t have the infrastructure to accommodate our family vacation. How dare they expect families to pay extra. Not all Hotels are like this, though. We found Premier Inn in the UK to be great at accommodating 4 of us. Instead, we turn to apartments. Apartments are bigger and your kids will love the space. Apartments offer more facilities such as the chance to cook and fridges to store food for family holidays. All this helps with families and there travelling budgets. You will find below the apartments we have used. ( and some hotels). These Apartments will all be centrally located, near public transport, restaurants and sights. That is a must for us here at Wyld Family Travel. We have or our friends have stayed in all the properties listed and would have no hesitation in recommending these to our fellow family travellers. Alternatively, we recommend that you use or Hotels Combined to find the right accommodation for your family vacations. Booking allows you free cancellation just in case your plans change for you European family holidays. Good luck with your search for family-friendly accommodation

Let the travel Europe with kids accommodation search begin


You will also find some reviews we have done on Wyld Family Travel for the following places was have stayed

Close by Mont St Michel, France